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My Sissy is Turning 4 November 14, 2011

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Dear Sissy,

Someday you will read this and know how much I love you!

Mommy and I were working on a special project together and she wanted me to break all the letters down in the word Autism and give each letter a cool word that describes you to us! I got to do the letters A, T, S and mommy picked U and M! This really is the definition of Autism to me.














“Celebrate Siblings of Special Needs Families!”


My 2011 Top 25 Sensory Activities List I Love doing with My Sister! November 3, 2011

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  1. Hopscotch (we use my mom’s pillows and lay out the hopscotch patter) it is super fun and more hard to keep your balance
  2. Stuffed animal catch
  3. Karate Kicks
  4. Favorite Color Yelling Leg Lifts
  5. Make Tents with as many blankets as possible
  6. Tire Swing
  7. pick flowers and put them in a ziploc bag and mix the smells and colors together using a rolling pin.
  8. Roller Skate on the sidewalk
  9. Q-Tip Art Painting
  10. Mix Paint Colors in dixie cups
  11. Crush in our can Crusher
  12. Paint Nails and put stickers on our nails
  13. Play makeup
  14. Washing our Dog (our dog feels really funny wet)
  15. Nature Hunt (usually my sister comes back with super interesting stuff)
  16. Lick lemon and Lime pieces
  17. practice chewing gum and not swallowing it
  18. Make hairbows and put them on our dog
  19. blow glitter off our hands
  20. Blow gently on each other’s faces see who can blow the longest with crazy straws
  21. wash our bikes and scooters
  22. Squeeze lemons, limes, and oranges in big cups and make juice
  23. blow up balloons (or atleast try to)
  24. Cut pictures out of magazines and make a fashion book
  25. take pictures of each other and put them on the computer

My sister makes me giggle! August 3, 2011

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I am 5 years older than my sister. My mommy says it’s important to remember every day things that I have learned. She asks me every day after school to tell her 2 things I learned from class and 2 things I learned about being a friend. So because it’s summer break she said that I should write down all the things I learned each day with my sister this summer.

I have learned that she thinks not like me and sometimes how she thinks is better than me.

I have learned that my sister is pretty smart because she likes to wear rain boots at the beach. I thought this was weird but actually keeps her feet super clean.

I have learned that my sister will listen to me if I just ask her to listen first.

I have learned that my sister really likes to make tents under our beds with me.

I have learned that if my sister says to come look at something she found at the beach it is probably something that is alive, slimmy, and to be careful

I have learned that my sister likes to learn how to make funny faces if I show her

I have learned a fun game called freeze is super fun and she is really good at it.

I have learned that hide seek with my sister means she only likes to hide and jump out and scare me.

I have learned that my sister is a great dancer and dances with me for a long time

I have learned thtat my sister likes me a lot and now I think we are going to best friends for ever.

talk to you soon,

gabbers autism sibling chatter



Sibling Day Celebration Tomorrow! Hope I see You There July 15, 2011

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Tomorrow is Sibling Day Celebration 2011 and I am so happy that this day is finally here!  I cannot wait to meet all the siblings and families tomorrow for a lot of fun. Stop by and see me at my table. I will have a super fun game to share!

Sibling Day Celebration


Gabbers Autism Sibling Chatter


#3 Just Stuff I am Learning About My Sister This Summer! July 13, 2011

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I have a lot of stuff today that came into my head since my sister and I are together a ton for the summer.

A few things I learned this summer hanging out with my sister are:

1. She likes walking our dog and so do I so I just put 2 leashes on each side of her collar to solve that problem.

2. If I want our room to be clean and my mom tells me to clean it, instead of putting my sissy’s clothes away I keep hers in a basket. Because if I put them away she will open every drawer and empty them just for one sock. So, she is super happy all her stuff gets to stay in the clothes basket. My mom is not a fan of this way, but she understands why and says she is happy I figured out a plan by myself.

3. I learned that she really likes to build sand castles with me on our Sunday visits to the beach, and I learned she really believes dad’s bait for fishing is “Squidward” from Spongebob. Really she does!

4. I also learned that see really is scared of Bugs and so am I so that works pretty good. She even screams for my dad  like I do now if she sees one.

5.  I learned that this summer my sister really does love me a lot, and she is working hard like me to show me.

Oh, and She now knows how to sing every Justin Beiber song with me. Which is the cutest thing ever!

Talk with you Soon,

Gabbers Autism Sibling Chatter



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All summer me and my sissy are working on how we work  and talk with eachother. Miss T and Miss J her therapists are letting me come do some stuff in my sissy’s therapy to help us work on sharing and asking eachother for stuff. My mom says it’s important that me and my sissy start working on how we say stuff to eachother because we sometimes don’t understand eachother and get mad easy. Yesterday me and my sissy played hide and seek with eachother for a long time. I really liked it because she let me hide a lot and she came to find me. I think we are on our way to figuring out eachother. I just know that she sometimes likes to only have her way, so I just offer something I want to do and now because I am asking her something I want by adding in something she likes to do too, she really seems interested in my stuff now too!   I also moved our beds together in the same room to show her I want to hang out with her and she said she really likes it.

 I will talk to you all soon!

Gabbers Autism Sibling Chatter


and i go with my sister in the pool and i like how she talks with me and showing me

how she feels and i like most of all she shares with me.

see you soon.


My 1st Entry Gabbers Autism Sibling Chatter! (My Mom Finally Said Yes) July 8, 2011

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My momma is letting me write all of my journal entries and my experiences here now :), we had a big talk about this and afterall I need to practice my writing for 3rd grade!

I have a little sister that has Autism she is 3 years old.  I love her to pieces but sometimes she can be one big crazy mess.  You never know what kind of day she will bring because she likes to mix all of that up with surprises.  No matter what… she is great and she is the one thing I cannot live without. Autism to me is just like someone that has allergies to food like at school some kids cannot have nuts and milk and stuff liken that. Autism is just an allergy that sometimes makes my sister not comfortable around people. That’s it!

 So when you learn to work with this allergy, I call Autism you just need to understand some people look super Big to my sister, super bright to my sister, and super loud to her, so I just help her not be scared and let her know I understand and don’t worry.  This has seemed to work out pretty nicely and I think she really likes when I do this.

Share More Tomorrow!

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